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Photo Stories

Spring in Extremadura

A selection of images from a photography trip I lead for the travel agency Avifauna Nature Tours in April–May 2017. We spent several days in photo hides in Sierra de San Pedro, close to the Portugese border, and also a few days around Trujillo where we visited the steppes and Monfragüe National Park.

Hornøya & Varanger Peninsula

A selection of images from a week spent on Hornøya bird cliff and the Varanger Peninsula in northernmost Norway, early spring 2015.

Nature in Black and White

A collection of nature images that focus on patterns and details, lines and compositions, shadows and light – entirely in monochrome. Not a story in the strict sense, but a depiction of nature on a special theme – black and white – with everthing superfluous scaled off.

Birds of Småland

The Småland region of southern Sweden is a diverse region. It offers a myriad of freshwater lakes, small-scale agriculture, vast expanses of both coniferous and deciduous forests, and a coastline with an archipelago. It also offers greatly varying seasons where temperatures range from +30°C to –20°C.

Common Crane

A selection of images of common crane, one of the largest birds of Europe. The vast majority of the images were taken at Easter this year at Lake Hornborgasjön in the Västergötland region of Sweden – though a handful are from my home region of Småland.

Vultures of Extremadura

Rolling hills, vast steppes, cork oak forests and craggy cliffs. A story on the cinereous and griffon vultures of the magnificent landscape of the Spanish region of Extremadura. Due to sucessful conservation efforts, the vultures of Spain have increased by several 100% during the last few decades.

Black Grouse

Every dawn during spring, the male black grouse gather at the lekking arena. The males with their burning-red eyebrows and their purple-glozzy plumage fight and put on their very best displays. The females come to watch and decide who will be the winner. The pictures in the story were taken in the deep forests of Småland during four different spring seasons.

Sahelian Senegal

A selection of images from a two-week trip to the northern parts of Senegal in West Africa – mainly the areas around l'île de Kousmar and Kaolack, and Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj, close to the Mauritanian border. We also visited Parc National des Îles de la Madeleine, just off the coast of Dakar.

People of Nepal

The land of mountains and mysteries, yaks and yetis, rhinos and rikshaws. Despite leading very Spartan lives, often in extreme poverty, the people of Nepal are some of the most joyful people you will ever meet. This album is a tribute to the beautiful and diverse people of Nepal. A mix of pictures from Kathmandu's bustling streets, the Terai lowlands, and remote Himalayan villages.

Black Guillemot

The tiny island of Rödkallen in the Luleå archipelago, in the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea, is home to a great number of exclusive coastal birds. Among them, the black guillemot. A small auk species illustrated here with shots from a one-week session on the island in May 2014.

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